Associated Dog Clubs of

New York State


Incorporated since June 2, 1971

ADCNYS files with the IRS as a 501 c 7 - a NY domestic not for profit corporation.

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The Associated Dog Clubs of New York State is made up of delegates from member clubs as well as individual members that reside within the state. The Association was founded in 1971, initially providing information where people could find responsible breeders from member clubs to fulfill their wish of finding a performance puppy, or pure breed companion. In the last decade, the fundamentals drastically changed with the onslaught of legislation attempting to curb small hobby breeders and performance dogs.  ADCNYS was already an association that could represent a number of voices as one harmonious voice In the last several years, the rhetoric has been turned up.  Folks, many well-meaning, have fallen for the myth that all breeders must be puppy mills, and any type of performance training must be cruel. They are bombarded with messages about the cruelty of breeders and owners.  They contribute heavily to our state and local legislatures to enact restrictive legislation. They probably watch Westminster, loudly applaud service and search & rescue dogs. Never think about the source of these high performance dogs.. They haven’t seen agility –maybe snippets on TV; obedience or field trials.  They misunderstand the effort and knowledge of decades that goes into the breeding, care, and training of puppies to achieve the best temperament, soundness of health; and performance in forming these magnificent creatures. Yes, we all know there are some bad players, legislation will never rid them.  It’s up to us to do a better education and consumer job. The more voices, the more experienced and diverse owners and breeders, we can add to the harmony, the stronger we are.  The more voices from different venues, the stronger we are. ADCNYS is an honest lobbying group – IRS registration is a 501c 7, lobbying on behalf of our sport and companions.


Join us.  Add your thoughts.  It makes all of us stronger.




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